You’re About to Discover How to Finally Attract Quality Men, Reach Your Relationship Goals and Transform Your Love Life From the Inside Out 

(...without wasting your time, playing games, following silly rules, or compromising your faith and principles)

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“I help high-achieving professional women of faith date for marriage with confidence and authority so that they can finally have the love and leave the legacy they desire

Guest speakers

Octavia Vance


Sex Coach

“I help insightful, professional women of faith embrace their sexuality for fulfilling relationships in their lives, more money in their bank accounts and more intimacy with their God.”

Catherine Navarro


Executive Coach

“I help high performing women let go of the hustle, so that they can lead from their resourced feminine and live a life filled with space, breath, truth, love, growth and ease.”

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Choose Your Get Cuffed Live Virtual  Experience...



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***7 Dating Habits of Highly Effective Women***

***How to Stop Struggle Dating***

***How to Get Him to Call (Instead of Text) Scripts]*** 



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Audio & Video Recordings of the Event

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***How Smart Women Inspire Men to Fall “In Love” with Them***

***How to Have Fun Conversations With Men***

***How to Navigate Celibacy While Dating***

***Fun Ways to Respond to “Good Morning” Text Scripts***

***How to Say “I’m Celibate” Without Running Him Away Scripts***

When so many single women are using the current climate as an excuse 
to put their love lives on hold until things get “better”...

Winning women are using it as an opportunity to show up for themselves and their legacy

NOW is the perfect time to take charge of your love life and 
finally meet your future husband.

I know what you’re probably thinking

“What kinda drugs are you on Torah??”

This is the WORST time to be out here dating and meeting men!”

Now before you come for me…hear me out 😁

I get it

We’re social distancing so we can’t regularly meet up with men like we used to and enjoy planned activities at our favorite spots.

But check this...

Dating isn’t ABOUT activities

Like meeting up for dinner

Or heading to a crowded movie theater’s about CONNECTION

💓Being present in the moment and intentional with the experience
💓Building rapport through conversation and active listening to find common ground
💓Taking emotional risks by being vulnerable and expressing yourselves
💓Reflecting on each other’s character, values, interests, and abilities
💓And having fun!

Guess what girl?

You can achieve ALL the above during all the global chaos.

In FACT, the circumstances that we’re in make it MUCH easier to establish true connections with others.

Because we’re not as distracted by:

 an overbooked schedule

✅ running a bunch of errands

✅ long commutes to and from work

✅ Or even attending social gatherings you never wanted to attend in the first place.

Although the Coronavirus is, in fact, a tragedy I don’t take lightly

This pandemic is also a wake-up call

But NOT a call to stop showing up for yourself, your dreams and legacy

If you’re committed, creative and willing to adapt to this new “normal” you will win, Sis 💥


if you’re choosing to put your love life on hold and wait until this pandemic blows over

you will NOT be ready for the new world that 2020 is bringing in.

That’s all imma drop on you for now.

I have several other reasons why NOW is the perfect opportunity to meet your future spouse

And if you want to hear and discuss them with me, then join me September 18-19th for a two day live event for high-achieving, professional women of faith who have everything they want in life except for the marriage they’ve always desired. 

You Need to Attend This Transformational Virtual Event!

You'll learn...

Powerful strategies to find the time and energy to finally pursue your dating and relationship matter how busy your life is. 

The surprisingly simple way to get engaged to a quality man in as early as a year, even if your love life is currently non-existent.

Exactly how to “Corona-Proof” your love life in ways you’ll actually enjoy...that lead to healthy, fun relationships with quality men.

How to create the kind of love life that inspires quality men to commit and pursue you for marriage.
If you’re seriously committed to getting results in your love life NOW (not next month or next year) need to make sure you’re at this event.


Get Cuffed Live Virtual Experience

A 2-day virtual online training where you’ll learn…


Discover what’s really holding you back and sabotaging success in your love life.


Shut off the little voice in your head that wants you to believe “it’s too late” or “maybe I’m supposed to be single”.



Optimize the love you have for yourself and the experience you have with men to inspire them to commit with ease. 

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Hi! I'm Torah, and I help smart and successful women of faith design winning love lives and confidently date for marriage. I know how it feels to have no idea how to date - I was a high-achieving women (new in the faith) with no dates, no skills and nowhere near marriage. 

I was very accomplished, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: The skills that I had learned in life that helped me overcome poverty, raise a child as a teen mom, move away from my small hometown, and obtain 3 bachelors degrees in only 4 years of college was NOT the same skill set needed to date strategically, attract quality men and inspire them to commit

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about dating and finding love in an effort to finally achieve the marriage I’ve always desired...

In my search to master everything about love, dating and relationships, I was able to cultivate a healthy love life that lead to my marriage - all without fear, overwhelm, getting my heart broken and downplaying my success.

I used my knowledge and skills to help women close to me also reach their relationship goals and everyone else started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR lives too.

So, I carefully crafted a signature methodology that has allowed me to meet my husband and help others meet theirs — without struggle dating.

Listen - I’ve been where you are.

I was sick because the quality of my relationships didn’t match the quality of my education and lifestyle I built for myself.

And I know as an influential woman of faith, you feel a deep calling to be a wife, paired up with a strong leader who you can build a meaningful legacy with.

Here’s where I come in...let me mentor you into the healthiest relationship you’ve ever entered by dating with intention and authority. Your future is counting on you.

Meet My Guest Coaches



Called the Harriet Tubamn of Your Sex Life', Octavia E Vance (aka OEV) is a dedicated, passionate and Certified Life & Sex Coach, with more than 9 years of experience working hand in hand with insightful, professional ladies of faith to ensure that they’re able to achieve the level of Sexual Liberation they truly desire.

With over 60k followers across all social media platforms, several thousand live streaming views, thousands of ladies from around the globe who have consumed her mentoring, products and content for almost a decade, OEV is the leader in her field on Sexual Liberation for professional women of faith.



Catherine Navarro is an executive coach, who helps high performing women let go of the hustle, so that they can lead from their resourced feminine and live a life filled with space, breath, truth, love, growth and ease. Her mission is to leave no sister behind by working with them to reclaim their innate power and feminine flow.

Women who are ready to dig deep, work with Catherine, to let go of all that is no longer serving them, while fully stepping into their resourced woman.

Now is the time for you to decide.

Do you want to spend another year stuck, frustrated and alone?

How about this instead….

Meet with us from the comfort of your own home and discover exactly how to pivot THIS year into YOUR year to attract love!

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and step into a fun, fruitful, forward-moving and fearless dating for marriage experience.
Reserve your seat today…

Attention: Please Read Carefully!

Although this is an in depth training where you will hear things you’ve never heard before , please be aware that we are not implying that attending this event and embarking on your dating for marriage journey is a guarantee that you will succeed or meet your future husband at all. Coaching and training is not a golden ticket. We are not promising you that you are going to be married! We are not promising or guaranteeing your success. We are here to present the facts.

This team of coaches is here to give guidance, share a perspective and some mistakes to avoid, and some things that might work if you are willing to work them. This conference is not here to present pie in the sky. We are here to present some possibilities and potential for a thriving love life leading towards marriage. We wish you the best on your journey!!!

Disclaimer - This program will give you actionable steps to starting and/or growing a successful love life leading you to marriage.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of effort is involved. At the end of the training, an opportunity will be offered to learn more.
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